The Lebowski ‘Heavy Glow’ : “John? Hello John? So where do I sign?”

The Lebowski

“Yea, sweet cakes. Don’t forget to get steak and fries, with some whoop-ass on the side,” said the side of you who really wanted rebel. “Don’t forget!”

With a whimper, you reverted back into your corner of the little space you’d occupied before the virtually satisfactory fantasy you’d imagined. Oh, that felt so good. Givin’ it back to the world, what it really deserved. A rightful spanking of utter epic-ness you’d aways wanted to hurl.

“John? Hello John? So where do I sign?”

“Oh, you sign right here, here and here,” as your quickly gather yourself from the routine daydreaming you’d always had at the office.

You wake up and put on that professional office smile, and ask “So, Sam. How’s Marge?”

The Lebowski’s punk-rock themes, glaze over your determined sanctums and it explodes in understated madness.

Heavy vocals, with heavier breathing sentiments, ‘Heavy Glow’ is a noxious temperament, determined to make you feelz. Even if that is at the cost of your daily routine.


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