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The Legion // TYPE 4 // By Jim

The Legion – Joy

Off of ‘Three The Bronx Way’, the ol’ school struggle comes to the fore, as THE LEGION takes you back – way back. But all of the goodness that makes ‘Joy’ what it is, you can’t help but get swept by the fabulous sampling, loops, and injection of the ‘Bronx’ horns. Vets of rap, comes back and the trio of Molecules, Cee-Low The Diceman, and Chucky Smash keeps it real and groovin’. The new LP ‘Three The Bronx Way’, features 11 new tracks and the skillz of Dres (of Black Sheep), Sadat X, Beneficence, DJ Eclipse and other guest collaborators.

TYPE 4 – Look Back And Laugh

TYPE 4 is the Boston artist with the mostest. And in ‘Look Back And Laugh’ he tells like it is: “Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true; only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Drawing upon an extensive body of involuntary research, this is a third-person tale of last chances and first steps; a reassurance that the next chapter of life is merely a turn of the page away, just as long as you keep reading.” Tommy O’Deed & Matt Reyes makes rap and good-times. How can you not get into this kind of music?

By Jim – Let It Burn

BY JIM is based in Akron, Ohio. Rapper, unsigned, but full of life and stories to tell. The unique style of conversation burns into your mind, as the lyrics ride up your spine and raises thought-visions. BY JIM wants to tell with truth and justice. BY JIM wants to tell his truth and justice, with vigor and gumption. BY JIM wants to kick ass, killing with his attitude. Success? For sure. Live it son.


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