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The Lids Share ‘Beef Baby’. “Eat your protein. The Universe demands it.”

That key change at the chorus is to die for. The Lids know this. You know this. We acknowledge it. ‘Beef Baby’ is a uniqueness that is beautifully laid out.

The Leicester originating band come with the vision for this alt-rock synth-surf indie mix that just kicks ass and doesn’t ask what your name is after it’s played. With carrying supine riffs, cosmically altered vocal harmonies, and superlatively fantabulous key changes, the song has all of the elements to weather out the days in gorgeous accolades.

The band thinks this song has paid off, veering from their normal state of musical fair.

That is a big ten-four.

Made up of trio, Liam Butler, Rhys Butler, and Sam Deas-Bogie, the little song that could reverberates with exuberant attitude and strident swag.

Albeit in another dimension.



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