The Lifers’ Single ‘The Nature of Things’ Off Of Recently Released New Album ‘Honey Suite’.

The slow churning of the Ocean, of solid slaps in boulders of dark blue waves – hits your consciousness in highlight, beaming through heaven’s stairways through. In forest of yearlings and old men of bark and extended trunks – it’s hard to defeat what is secluded and dominant. But it can be done. Just like the waves churn and dig caves in that white shelves of cliffs. Just like the sprouting of ideas and physical tests through the under-brush of cynicism.

Shout out those undeniable anger of your heart’s missed opportunities. Don’t regret.

Just forge forward.

You’re not alone. But alone, you must conquer FIRST.

The Lifer’s anthemic injection of adrenaline – or at least the demand for it – is artfully presented with the softness of folk, and rock declarations and fist pumping. There’s zero ambiguity on this single. The combination of Elivia and Anita Cazzola is powerful to listen to.

It’s strong, confident. You know deep inside WHO you are. You know deep inside WHAT you can be.

Kudos ladies. Kudos.


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