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The Limiters Shares ‘Short Term Memory’. “Just Enough To Incapacitate. Just Enough To Foam At The Mouth.”

THE LIMITERS’ first single and video of ‘Short Term Memory’ is a juxtaposition. On one hand it’s hard rock; then on the other, it’s more poignant and selective about its subject matter, than we’d ever thought. The screaming siren of singer Lesley Warendorff isn’t the run-of-the-mill metal scraping. But it has a purpose that is vital for this single to work.

The band, from arm’s length, seems to give off the ‘Queen Of The Stone Age-ish vibe’. But then you dig…dig a little deeper, then you come to a layer of knowledge that is mixed with grunge, alt-rock, and even indie-rock that succumbs your habit of breathing – an essential part of life – that pauses, with delight, and an odd (but sexy) feeling of ripped nylons.

Ripped nylons? Yes. Just a phrase, mind you. But describes the kind of ‘sexiness’ that this single portrays. It’s that black fabric on that beautiful girl who you desire, and then hate, because she kicked your ass with one hand.

It’s that knock on your nose – not hard enough to bleed – but just hard of a punch to stop you in your tracks.

It’s that boulder from the hill, that almost hit your car on the highway, but still has arrested your soul from now forth, regarding death by nature.

Just enough to incapacitate.

Just enough to foam at the mouth.

Either way they win. It’s something to behold in a band, in a song.

The band consists of: Lesley Warendorff, Benjamin Lampe, and Josine van der Splinter.

The trio from The Netherlands are here to kick high, and strong. Let’s find out what else they will offer. Can’t wait to find out. We think THE LIMITERS will show us something to long for.




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