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The Little Miss Share Single About Divided Ideologies in ‘American Dream’.

We’d fallen in love with Hayley Johnson’s music (THE LITTLE MISS) a month ago, when we’d listened to her single ‘‘A Ride Along the Mountain Valley’. We stated: “[She] has transformed herself, and we think her distinct baritone voice is used to distinct use. Most importantly, her whimsy and humor into her lyrics (via her natural personality) seems to coincide and seamlessly overlap with pleasure. In her new single ‘A Ride Along The Mountain Valley’ she demonstrates these combination of components, in full effect.”

And we’d been a fan ever since.

Now, as her project is steaming along, we come to listening (with you all) her next little diddy. This one is named ‘American Dream’ and it takes a serious social question and puts it in a song that inserts Hayley’s special uniqueness all over it.

‘American Dream’ shows a bit more of her serious side, with current event subject, and a hopeful outlook, in an interestingly divided political time. And we think her style fits perfectly, framing the question in an absorbable morsals, we dig lots.

Anyway, we don’t do this often, but we think having Hayley tell us about her inspiration on the song directly, would be appropriate here>>

“I wrote ‘American Dream’ at a time when the tension in our country felt palpable. This was five years ago. Now, seemingly more divided than ever, I questioned whether or not I should release a song that sounds so blindly idealistic. To be clear, “American Dream” is not an endorsement of this country as it stands now. I don’t think that it is unpatriotic to think that we can do better than this.”

“The American Dream, as it has been fed to us – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – has not delivered on its promises for many (if not most of us). So, while the song yearns for this made-up, sepia-toned time that never existed, it notes exactly that: that it never existed. We’re enchanted by our own, but very limited folklore – the pioneers, the Wild West, the civil war, the nuclear family, the moon landing, etc.

“We have romantic notions about who we are and who we’ve been, and it is tempting, for all of us, to want to wear those rose-colored glasses. But in order to become better, and in order to progress, we need to take off the glasses and take a good look in the mirror. We all want the same thing: to feel proud of the country we call home – we just need to accept the fact that it might be healthier to learn from our history rather than glamorize it. The lives of so many depend on it.”

It’s up to us, all of us, to maintain an institution. It always takes effort, when trying to make a great thing, even greater. There are nearly 325 Million of us living in this fab land and it will always will be hard not to veer from the center lane, all of the time.

As Hayley stated: “Lets take a good look in the mirror” and then regroup; work together.

Let’s go to work and do our part.

Kudos, Hayley as always. Kudos.



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