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The Little Miss Shares ‘She’s What We Need’. “Underrepresentation, Into Rally Cry.”

The strength is THE LITTLE MISS’ vocals. No matter which ever style she grasps and decides to offer the public, her songs drive on the tracks of the ever moving forward voice of Hayley Johnson. And in ‘She’s What We Need’ this is significantly demonstrable and reveals the multi-genre talent of the singer-songwriter.

“I wrote “She’s What We Need” because I believe there is a gross underrepresentation of women in our society – whether that be on festival lineups, in board rooms or in congress. The scale has been tipped for as long as anyone can remember, and now, it would seem, we are toppling over. We need women’s voices – we need everyone’s voice – in order to implement and maintain balance in this world. The world and its people benefit when everyone can be heard equally.” – Hayley.

This ‘less polished version’ as Hayley puts it, has a mission to be a ‘rallying cry’ for what has or has been done for the other half of U.S. society. ‘It’s not a plea’ she says. It’s just a ‘hymn or a prayer’ for better cohesiveness and continued fight for social awareness, with overall progression of equality for all.

We’ve reviewed 2 previous single from her latest album ‘American Dream’ and ‘A Ride Along the Mountain Valley’. We’d fallen in love with Hayley’s aesthetics to music construction several months ago, and the love affair hasn’t stopped.

Late July 2018, her album ‘American Dream’ dropped and she’s been on a tour supporting her new publication. She’d come a long way from a pure indie-pop singer-songwriter to a bit more political and ‘content-conscious’ indie-folk-pop artist. She has a lot to say, and in this current project and format, we think that she’s successfully set herself up for uniqueness and separation from the main-stream.

But ultimately, songs have to be entertaining. And her songs, sure do entertain.

Listen to the other two singles below, as well. We think you’ll appreciate the majesty of her project and her focus for her submitting bits to a wider discourse.




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