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The Lord Calverts – Go Golly Go

Although the single released 6 months ago, there’s not expiration time for some good fun, right? Well, when you are in that mood of moods, you can get together with your friends and have a dance off to THE LORD CALVERTS’ single ‘Go Golly Go’. Besides, when will it be a time when you get to use the word ‘golly’ in any of your sentences? Exciting guitar works, rock n’ roll drums, and rhythms perfect for every night of the week, the single doesn’t ‘have any care in the world’. You should let the world go a bit, too. You deserve that cocktail.

Syne – Siddhartha (Running Water)

Finding yourself is a hard thing to do. For some it’s like breathing air – easily done, and found from birth. For some, it takes a bit of work, and it might take a bit of time to accomplish. SYNE’s ‘Siddhartha (Running Water)’ seems to us is a signal for the artist, in the continuation of that very exercise. What’s missing in the equation is that once you’ve found yourself, is that all there is? Are you one dimensional? Or are there many chapters to your life that hasn’t been defined yet? With pop allure, with orchestral deviance, the strings in this single drives a wedge between conventional thoughts and promises that comes across all of us in life. Balancing is a constant effort, that needs maintaining. Let’s cheers to that.

Daria Black – Not That Girl

“The song is a little bit more pop-influenced than some of my other music, which tends to be darker and dreamier,” stated DARIA BLACK. But we disagree with Daria, in that, yes, the single is more pop than usual. However, the darker, more grayish simmering still exists in ‘Not That Girl’. And that’s why it’s delicious. That one seasoning of the truth in fantasy. That distinct admission that even in the brightest in times, there’s a gray side – an anchor of misgivings, mistrust, self-doubt, and a sprinkling of confusion. Relationships and dealing with the concept of love, drives us insane, doesn’t it? Daria’s single hints at that with intrepid and immaculate resilience. Daria’s upcoming EP ‘Changing’ will drop soon.

Lone Wild – Savages

There are many things that are in the news that triggers action in citizens. Artists aren’t any different. With a peak of the current ‘Trump-politics’ and ‘populist movements’ around the world, confusion of human to human empathy gets a bit hazier. ‘Savages’ is a song about the plight of refugees where their status, versus the means to help (or not) comes into play in our social atmosphere. Broad and injecting, the single is driven by the rock framing, by way of pop sensibilities. And when a call to arms, or a yell for a way to uphold the zeitgeist, the road to the heart of the single, takes a serious turn for our internal betterment. LONE WILD stated: “The lyrics shed light on how modernity can cause us to forget where we come from, and in forgetting, the freedom that we can tend to demand for ourselves, we end up denying for others.”

Moss Blue – In the Dark

Core band members Andy DiSimone, Rick Heins, and Bob Troia combines their talents to continue on down this path of an extraordinary journey in cascade. The progressive / pop-rock framing is tantalizingly and irrevocably expansive, as the vocals play on the instruments’ own audible riot against the expected. With tinges of multiple genres (80’s rock, driving, fuzzed out arena rock, and alt country) the band relents to a cohort of feelings, deep within their moving parts, as the notes dance and relax with the whims of deeper undertakings in life. The colors afforded at the end of this rainbow, shines in gold, and much interest accumulates, with fervor. Word.

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