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The Lost Hours // Miami Horror // Shywolf // Albert Kass // Baseball Gregg

The Lost Hours – To Be Alone

Twenty year old singer songwriter from Leeds, Callum James Hamilton, is THE LOST HOURS. And in ‘To Be Alone’, he makes it hard to imagine that an ocean separates such sentiments. To hearts from continent to continent, this single reflects with solitude and beckoning. As certain as the rising sun, the heaviness drips down like molasses, honey sweet but in bittersweet remembrance. “’The Lost Hours’ are the small hours,” said Callum, “where you spend your time wondering how lonely a prospect it is being a celestial object, and where my obsession of trying to mix John Martyn style acoustic riffs with Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ era style production whilst channeling the infectious nerving bubble gum melodies of Talking Heads takes place” His debut album

Miami Horror – Restless

“I love putting two people in a room that wouldn’t normally work together and seeing what comes of it,” stated Benjamin Plant. Lo-fi, funk guitar, 70’s vibe, in 90’s r&b/pop oppulance is where MIAMI HORROR’s single ‘Restless’ rests. The quirky drive rests in idilic beauty as the music video directed by Keenan Wetzel (Haux, Aisha Badru) keeps the fun moving. ‘Restless’, along with MIAMI HORROR’s line of works, are something to be visited, over and over. You’ll feel guilty trying to dance to their sense of wonder. But doesn’t that make it more naughty, don’t you think? Go and listen again.

Shywolf – Higher

Dreamy. Extraordinarily expansive. ‘Higher’ is a song from SHYWOLF that is both alien, and so very personal. The ambient electric/synth pop presentation is an appeal to the inner demons of our hearts. With indulgence a part of the decoration of life, SHYWOLF delves deeper into the limits of what could be, from ambitions to valleys; and from betrayals to unrestrained love. A visceral exercise, manipulating sounds to evoke – ‘Higher’ tallies up the bodies of love’s warriors, and sets them into battle. Sacrifice is the norm.

Albert Kass – Same Lie

ALBERT KASS is one of those artists we just bonded, almost right away. His music: dynamic. His lyrics: revolving. His musical beauty: immense. We’d called him in a past review: “…beautifully unique vocals, a sonic wand so very dynamic in every facet…” His offerings are nuanced and uniquely Albert Kass. Each song has given reasons for the listener to rejoice such efforts, and it hasn’t stopped. ‘Same Lie’ continues that trend.

Baseball Gregg – Hong Kong Hike

BASEBALL GREGG is Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan. And in 2013, they met for the first time and decided to get this music thing a try. And now here we are in 2019, where the Stockton, California based duo makes songs like ‘Hong Kong Hike’. A charming, circus like atmosphere, where chaos of emotions fly and jut out of folds like there was no tomorrow to cling to. But there’s always something to cling to in life. The ambient pop visage of this single is a shroud of fog, pasted in complexities of confusion, and of an affection that can’t quite be described. But it’s always there. Always besides you. Never letting go. You’re glad it is.


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