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The Lovely Sparrows Returns After 7 Years With Single ‘A Light’, Off Of Upcoming Album ‘Shake The Shadow’.

Shawn Jones, a normal urbanite from the fabulous city of Austin Texas, in the early 00’s wanted to invigorate and disseminate the kind of music that he’d grew in his back pocket. That was the project named THE LOVELY SPARROWS, and with the flow of whims and interests, the project sailed along with optimal independence and energy throughout the years.

Now, in 2018, after a long 7 year hiatus, the notion willed by THE LOVELY SPARROWS has returned from a self-seduced exile. And what had happened in the long time off? Shawn became a different man and evolved in the way he’s always thought his music always should. He’d quit teaching, returned to graduate school, and then ‘immersed’ himself of the classic composers.

And what’ll you know. His absolute hold on his pre-notions about art and music, separated from the hinges, predictably ‘loosening’ in atmosphere.

His new record ‘Shake The Shadow’, 7 years in the making, drops November 16th.


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