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The Low Blow // Cautious Clay // TV ME // Jours // The Wild State

The Low Blow – Undertow

“Wow” is where THE LOW BLOW’s single ‘Undertow’ should be categorized as. From the hard hitting and soaring vocals of Patrick Long, the band exudes alt-country with the pop appeal that is a rare commodity. His bandmates Matthew Williford, Cody Smiles, Connor Stith, and Taylor Wood, join Patrick to elongate the kind of rock that you’d want to go hear on a Nashville weekend. The inspiration and talent of this outfit puts your senses to the side with attractive hooks and shiver inducing love for the things in life that we all can appeal to. ‘Undertow’ is a fabulous example of exotics, well packaged inside the glorious exuberance for positivity that you feel from the get-go. “The song follows the struggles of a man who finds himself folding under the weight of being enough for his loved ones, and he finds himself being sucked into the undertow of internal guilt,” said the band. And that exact vibe, shoes with no filter in this textured and exciting offering. Look for their full concept EP ‘Capsize’ soon.


Off of the fabulously anticipated EP Table of Context, CAUTIOUS CLAY settles into your heart in this title single. Like love that never wanted to be, it never expected it to be this way. And whenever CAUTIOUS CLAY makes it apparent, we sit, listen, and thank the stars that this kind of decadence exists. We’d called CC “..sizzling…” in our prior posts. There’s a reason for that. It’s him. His work. His music. And within that framework he flourishes to claim a small part of his consciousness, in you. It’s only been just a year of performing live for Cautious Clay, but what a ride it has been for the artist. More is on the way, that is a guaranteed. Look for his reasons music video as well. You won’t be disappointed.

TV ME – Data Was Callin’

Dance pop, psych-folk, and ambient electronica, TV ME is that unique-something that you’d craved. You know you want it. You know you dreamed of it. As the outfit calls their music: “comic strip style” with “filter”. Heck yes. The 3 piece project is headed by Thomas McConnell and with old childhood memories, “Playstations” and “old computers”, he amalgamates them with inspirational pop culture relevant musical bops. Hook driven and always there to capture your fancy, the single ‘Data Was Callin’ makes your day a bit better from where it was going. Let their music ‘IN’. Let’s dance.

Jours – Trick

Copenhagen based trio, JOURS, comes at us with this brutally delicious indie-rock wall of sounds. ‘Trick’ is an R.E.M auditory experience with the pop that is so Brit. And you know what that means? That means the song is made up of the “Fun-DNA”. You won’t need to be convinced to get up and dance. Doesn’t matter if you can’t dance at all; just move! And you will. The irreverent innocence from the single is infectious, gazy, and oh so shimmery. The “antidote to existential doubt” is how the band described ‘Trick’. And we tend to agree. The band consists of Christian Kier Mardahl, Esben Skriver Hjort & Mads Bryld Sørensen. The trio make fabulous and airy music that we ALL can enjoy. See them next on May 4th at Sway, in Aarhus, Denmark.

The Wild State – Lavender

Synth devastation is at hand when THE WILD STATE’s single ‘Lavender’ comes to town. The enigmatic new band from Brighton, UK is a art book in motion. The beautiful cavalcade of sights and sounds, descriptive in every way, surges from the pages of waves in this single. Ethereal debut album is a demonstration of the sound that resonate and stamps an indelible mark upon the listener. With visions of sound that are akin to the beauty of Aquillo, the sentiments reverberating from the trio are just breathtakingly consuming. Like fire onto a piece of paper, the hypnotic revisions to matter and form, reveal truths of inner desires we’d wanted to know – but were afraid to acquire. Watch out for these three. More gorgeous to come.


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