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The Luxury of Being Human // Island Eyot // My Fatal Desire // Straight White Teeth // Eric Lewis

The Luxury of Being Human – Stories

“I wanted to explore what messages we receive through our environment,” emphasized The Luxury of Being Human. “How choices every day can take us on separate paths in life. How our possible futures lie out in front of us. We never really know what the outcome would be if we made other decisions…I wanted to explore where people go. Where ideas go. Where does it go when you sing a song? Where does it go when you open up your heart. How and in what way are we moving each other? We’re lead by stories we see on the news. We’re lead by stories that people tell us. We’re lead by stories we imagine, when we look at people in the street we try to picture where they came from. Where they’re going. What happened. What might happen? And all the people you never see again. Some people you thought you would and it just doesn’t turn out that way. So it’s about separation and disconnect.” What else can we say, but that TLOBH drips with charisma and have a charm that will eat you up. Be careful. You might fall in love.

Island Eyot – Twilight

‘Twilight’ features the beautifully soulful vocals of Sabrina Altan, set against an evolving soundscape of acoustic an electronic instruments. Island Eyot is a two producer team working out of an island studio in West London. Massive Attack, Cinematic Orchestra, Maribou State, Island Eyot is an electronic musical exercise that establishes pop to an altered state of affairs. Melodic irony and bitter-sweetness conjure up vexing emotions of sadness in ‘Twilight’. It delivers in that movie-like continuation of one connecting to another, with the world against them. There’s very little chance that this love will survive this stress. But it won’t stop them from trying their damnedest. Because if not now, what else?

My Fatal Desire – Two Stars

My Fatal Desire’s single ‘Two Stars’ lyrics are to die for. Descriptive, distant, empathetic, and riddled with colorful story telling, you’re inclined with feelings of sentimentality through the layers of vocals and lonesome snare. Said Calvin West: “‘Two Stars’ is a collection of stories from my subconscious, about facing my innermost weaknesses.” Calvin’s solo musical journey started in 2009 and has been rightfully evolving ever since. The beautiful intrusion of Calvin’s vocals are precise with its expected feelings, as it does not want to defeat the carefully constructed lyrics of the song. Words are powerful, and as the song is played by My Fatal Desire, the spectrum of emotions descend into your core, reminding you of the worst time of your life, before the empathetic vision os the song, helps you to rebound and crest above the waters. You’re alive once more. With bandmate John Slough, the duo collaborate to all of the things that make humans vulnerable. And by doing that, they reveal the strength that makes being human, so special. Look for more from the project soon.

Straight White Teeth – Bespoke

Straight White Teeth is the gauzy alternative pop music project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick McGuire. Debut album ‘Charming Animal GIFs’ drops October 11th. After McGuire’s promising Denver based band Flashbulb Fires unexpectedly disbanded in 2014, he began composing gauzy pop interpretations written mainly with a small midi keyboard and an acoustic guitar. His first EP Medicine Sword was released a year later. A significant musical and thematic departure from McGuire’s previous works, his current insurgence of hyper inquisitiveness and inner desperations, are callous at ways as it dribbles along the bay’s edge of banality in magnificent beauty. Moody, atmospheric, somber, exultant – all comes at the price of experience and knowledge, succumbed to fruition. Patrick McGuire is Straight White Teeth, and he’s got lots to say to his inner sanctum of previously forsaken comforts.

Eric Lewis – Fault Lines

Running away doesn’t need to be physical. The happy and the well to do – comfortable and solid, can crumble as the facade of excellence stays put at the perimeters. We all do this. We all have limits and when that limit is about to break, we keep calmer and stand with keeping the damn from cracking. Takes a lot of energy. Takes a lot of anxiety. Takes a lot of force to withstand such putrid invasion to our protected sanctum. A ‘protected sanctum’ is what it’s supposed to be. But it was just a humiliating act of pretending. What will we ever do to keep it fortified? We must. For there’s no going back afterwards. The lo-fi, rock aggression from Eric Lewis’ single ‘Fault Lines’ gives reasons to protect and serve. There was no one who died or passed; but only that it is the salute to a potential – something that will be yours if you think it’s that important to you. Life demands it that we keep what’s important within the gates.


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