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The Magic Es Shares Single ‘Wishing Well’. Acceptance And Evolution, Of Self And For Memories.

‘Wishing Well’ is the song to hum to when you’re down. Yes. When you’re in the doldrums and need a pick me up, the lyrics and the effervescence of the single, can help you levitate your soul.

Although the song is built around the irony of life and solitude, but the message of ‘heading straight’ into what challenges you, is as solid as you get.

For we all have problems and challenges as we grow in this world.

It’s a positive message of acceptance, and evolution, in our minds and body. Because life isn’t easy, but it all shouldn’t be so dreadful, right?

“The song is told through the eyes of two children growing up” explains frontman Pete Thompson. “When you’re young your wishes are more immediate – I want an ice cream, I want a Barbie doll or whatever it is. Your world is smaller, and your awareness of the outside world is limited to your home, your friends and probably the walk to school. As the song hits the chorus it’s about the realization that as you get older, what you want and the way the world operates can’t be changed by a simple wish. The protagonist wishes that they could ‘build a wall around us all’ and try and keep the simplicity of the world they had as children.”

The band has been working hard since their formation in 2014. Their beginnings were humble, but the end result of their partnership is evident. Their popularity is easy to spot and point out, for their music is straight up and direct, without un-necessary filters to provide distractions.




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