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THE MAGIC LANTERN Shares ‘Albatross’. “Jamie Knows How To Evoke Emotions.”

THE MAGIC LANTERN (Jamie Doe) beautifully captures the rain fall, the cascading snow, the crestfallen heartbeat in ‘Albatross’. Taking his jazz, folk, influences, Jamie takes us to that place of unknown and unrelenting revelations with his music.

His new album ‘To The Islands’ drops November 2nd, via Hectic Eclectic Records.

“I came back to London with a bunch of half-finished songs and a broken heart but having done a lot of thinking, so I wrote a song to the person I hoped to meet (Holding Hands); about hope during these times of uncertainty (Albatross); about the role and responsibility of the individual in this period of upheaval (Between the World & Me); of fear of failure and the paralyses of regret (Scattered Leaves); the complex naivety of following your dreams (Lydia); about my Dad’s Alzheimer’s (Two Bells); about how we hide what we really feel (Masks); about the inevitability of all things passing (Tangled Chimes); of the unique kind of anxiety I get when I wake up and worry during the early hours (Darling Day); and about finding my now wife Rhia during the course of making the album (Re: Her)”.

Jamie knows how to evoke emotions.

He really does.

Listen. Close your eyes. Absorb.



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