The Mandevilles ‘Junkie’ : Altitude in ‘Junkie’ flies like a stealth bomber, then right into you heart.

The Mandevilles

Like they’ve never been off the beaten path of music and rock, The Mandevilles high-rockin’ blues rock poppin’ style of good time fun, is back with a vengeance. It’s been five years since the release of The Mandevilles’ last record, ‘Windows and Stones’, and with new energies and fabulous attitudes to boot, the band comes together in this 80’s hair rock vibin’ single ‘Junkie’, like boss.

With the big personality exuding continuously through Serena Pryne’s power vocals, they radiate large amounts of assertions and rock n’ roll to their audience. With the best traditions of such bands like Tesla, Bulletboys, and a slew of other rock heroes, The Mandevilles’ altitude in ‘Junkie’ flies like a stealth bomber, then right into you heart.

Blazing blues rock, bleeding through to hair metal/stadium thrusts, ‘Junkie’ is your ultimate ticket to fun and feeling alive.

Serena, Nick Lesyk, Taylor Laslo, Brett Bendo and Dan Risi come together for this new chapter of The Mandevilles.

Rock on, yo!


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