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The Mark Ian Project // The Ballroom Thieves // Milo Hunter // Jamie Drake // SebastiAn

The Mark Ian Project – Make It Better (Ft. Arthur Kall)

‘Make It Better’ with Arthur Kall’s fiercely fabulous vocals, keeps us entertained and engaged in ‘THE MARK IAN PROJECT. The calm and pop single with the 90’s Smash Mouth-like hokey charm, comes through with flying colors. The singalong with the nostalgic rap-rhymes and classic pop guitar solo presence, the interesting project’s aim of keeping the audience members chanting, is a success.

The Ballroom Thieves – Tenebrist

THE BALLROOM THIEVES senses the future coming. How to delay that new unknown? Play some fabulous songs and music that tickles yours and our senses, that’s what. From interestingly vibrant Americana rock ‘Tenebrist’, you get the sense that they are ALL about having the kind of love, affection, care, and honor towards what they do and what they offer. From top to bottom, lead singer and guitarist Martin Earley, cellist Calin Peters and percussionist Devin Mauch, comes off with refreshingly delightful casts of beauty, as they charm through the harmonies, airy lyrics, and danceable infatuations all around. Politically driven collection of songs (off of the new upcoming album, 2020) are positivity and encouragement in their core, and when they are sung, a different kind of light becomes the listener. What a ride.

Milo Hunter – Meet Me In The Morning

MILO HUNTER is a solo project. Self described as a ‘DIY aesthetic’ with ‘bizarre’ base of beauty. It is apparent that the project is up to the hilt in classic progressions of folk/country and rock, which deliver in charm. It chips away at the edges of normalcy, showing the undercoat of possibilities and maybe – just maybe – the humanity that lies within. The wonderful outweighs any of the ‘weird’ and ‘odd’ within this project. There’s nothing more ‘expert’ than the project offers. From the unique and niche vocal presentation, to the artistic guitar works, the lo-fi pop is a place to be, as you bop. Look for the upcoming EP ‘Lux Flakes’.

Jamie Drake – To My Love

“Catch this lovely and profound artist…” is how we know of JAMIE DRAKE’s body of work. Classic and poignant, as ever, the next single of dripping ballad of pop in ‘To My Love’, gives away the ghosts of the past, for a newer dawn of time and spacial footprint. Jamie enlightened that the single “was written from a position I have often responded from in relationships with others — romantic or otherwise — that of feeling uncomfortable with intimacy, of having someone love and accept me as I am, and my assuming I need to run before they do.” In Los Angeles she’ll host her Record Release show happening September 19th. Continued: “So much of day-to-day life is optimistically proceeding as if things are going to work out, contrary to the evidence that things are really falling apart. Yet still we continue to tell ourselves that everything’s fine…It’s really just my way of lying to myself.” We all do the same. Get ahold of a part of this majestic artist’s works.

SebastiAn ft Mayer Hawthorne – Better Now

Out on November 8th, ‘Thirst’, features the collaboration with artist: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sparks, Bakar, Syd, Sevdaliza, and of course Mayer Hawthorne. Said SebastiAn: “I couldn’t have a better guest for this song. “Better Now” is all about love – and when he is singing, Mayer knows what he’s talking about.” Different style and personalities comes together to provide a new record of stunning shine and multiple genre engagements.


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