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The Mark Ian Rocket Man Project Shares ‘Stay With Me (Featuring Sabrina Purdy)’.

Oh, let’s ride ‘Back To The Future’ with this fabulously nostalgic diddy from THE MARK IAN ROCKET MAN PROJECT. It’s 80’s, it’s early 90’s, it’s rock-pop, bit AOR, and then the slide comes in and a hint of country-pop is injected.

The song is made realz and wholly delicious by Sabrina Purdy’s sultry and ‘defiant’ vocals. And with the classic lyrics about love and heartache, touches the right places of any persons from any generation.

Unlike his fusion aesthetics of his songs, Mark Ian, takes ‘Stay With Me’ to a different but very familiar and ‘affectionate’ realm. If you close your eyes, and listen, you can imagine the song being played in any decade.

The pleasure is nostalgia. The hook is the song. And the desert is the vocals.

Can’t go wrong.

THE MARK IAN ROCKET MAN PROJECT strives to work with and introduce new and emerging talented artists, as well.



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