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The Max Headroom Shares ‘Working’. “Driving, gliding, pushing…for a new tomorrow.”

What is having the best time of your life? What makes it qualify for it to be that moment, that solitary isolated moment when we declare it as the golden time that defines us?

Adelaide, South Australia based indie-rock/shoegaze band, THE MAX HEADROOM, brings the right kind of attitude that can help us cope, in the meantime. With harmonies that are fantastically familiar, and the modern lyrical sentiments that doesn’t escape our attention, the band brings the heat.

And the heat is for that kiss. That kiss for the girl we all loved in high-school. In college. In working life.

Uh, whaaaa?!?! You don’t say??

It’s what THE MAX HEADROOM brings to the floor, as their Rolling Stones-esque vibe, bleeds deep and wide into the guitars – driving, gliding – pushing their way into our unfulfilled hearts.

They pump our souls with some good ol’ rock.

Bar none.

The five piece band is honest, gentle, kind, and with ambitious story telling, the rock band rolls up their sleeves and kicks our butts.

Formed in 2018, their single ‘Working’ (conceived in 2015) keeps the momentum going as the gritty band consisting of Ben, Hamish, Lachie, Marcus, and Pat, to do great things with their chosen instruments.

“The small place that’s mentioned can be anything that you can relate it to, it’s about leaving a place where you felt at home and having to leave certain people along with it,” stated Ben Martin.

There’s much promise and anticipation emanating from this lot.

Can’t wait to hear more, as their stage will likely get larger and larger.



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