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The Maybe Next Years Shares ‘Downfall of Lookout Records’.

Kayla Jeanne

Yea it’s short. Yea it’s succinct. But in those minute and twenty-two seconds, glory be thy punk-rock goodness happens.

And you’re IN.

The trio, The Maybe Next Years, brings another fabulous single that tries its damnedest to defy gravity and make us like them just because their single is brash, unadulterated, rockin’, charming, fun, and every side dish under the sun.

It worked.

The noisy banger of a single is, as the band put it, a song that is: “A noisy ballad wherein the singer does a very poor job of chronicling and relaying the series of events that led to the demise of the Berkley-based independent label, Lookout Records. He doesn’t mention the management changes, unpaid royalties or anything. Who/what are sun city girls? Why not name-drop Green Day or, hell Op Ivy? This song not only lacks any historical understanding, but neglects any cohesive narrative or through line. We hope everyone can enjoy our take on classic punk rock.”

Just in that paragraph you can hear our brains ticking, trying to dig this band, even more.

The Tempe, Arizona originating band is made up of Guardians of the Universe: Sage Donaldson, Ian Powers, and Davey Phx.

And they give a hoot about not giving a hoot.

In ‘Downfall Of Lookout Records’, they give a hoot, about the story that they can tell their grand-children.


See them next @ The Rebel Lounge, Phoenix Arizona, on October 16th.



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