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THE MEDICINE DOLLS Share New EP & Title Single ‘A Good Chance Of Bad Weather.’

We’d been using that dull knife for a long while. It didn’t cut steak very well. It didn’t cut fruits well. It didn’t cut tomatoes correctly. Tomatoes, for heck sake! So, it’s dang refreshing when you hear this trio named THE MEDICINE DOLLS. They are the new and sharper knife that you were searching for.

They dice.

They slice.

They put some delectable riffs for our little ears to absorb, digest, then melt.

THE MEDINE DOLL’s newest EP is named ‘A Good Chance Of Bad Weather’, and it is a style that is drawn from many stripes of genres, and somehow has congealed into a species of its own.

The title track ‘A Good Chance Of Bad Weather’ brings out some part of our animalistic howling within us, quick and fast. It’s not as if we throw chairs at the office or rip books, but it does make us move our knees to the surf-punk rock beats until we have hemorrhoids. That’s not a good thing from a physiological point of view, but it sure is good for our brains. The ‘sexiness’ is clearly embedded into this single, as is the other songs on the EP.

And we dig that to the moon.

The Cape Town, South Africa (formed in September 2016) band is made up of: by Greg Allan (Guitar & Vocals), Bex Nicholas (Bass) recently joined by Daniel Paulse (Drums).



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