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The Medium Shares Hokey But Smokey Single Fun, ‘Good ol’ Days’.

Yep. You really don’t know what you’ll get with THE MEDIUM. The quartet from Nashville, kicks you in the balls and let’s you hunker down for a long lunch. You sit there and quaintly bop your head up and down, and it just all comes crumbling down.

Your sensibilities on what good music could be.

But you’re sorely mistaken in your analysis, bro.

For the out of the blue, off kilter vibe of THE MEDIUM is what sets them apart from your cortex and your nerve cells.

Shaped by the noggins of Shane Perry, Sam Silva, Michael Brudi, and Jared Hicks, THE MEDIUM’s unfettered lyrical majesty is tempered by the auspiciously glamorous representation of what expressionism could entail.

From bright highs of the vocals and the lows of their inhibitions, the single ‘Good ol’ Days’ deliciously drive up the cost of such entertainment in juxtaposing sentiments and guilty-free yogurt topping.

See what this song has made us do? They’ve made us write in gibberish.

And weirdly enough, we dig that.

Go fig.

See the talented 4 next at Foam in St. Louis, on September 12th.



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