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The Midnight – Crystalline

The Midnight’s Crystalline is one of the fabulous songs from their latest offering, ‘Nocturnal’, which dropped in October. Crystalline is a drive up that insidious and arrogant taunts – the manifestly imaginary shot of heroism – shot of subdued adrenaline, waiting to pounce.

“Rush hour
On an uptown train
Doors open
As she walks in
She’s soaking
Caught in the rain
Her skin shines

“The problem with believers
They’ll let anyone in the door
The problem with deceivers
Is all the bodies buried under the floor boards”
-The Midnight-

But it can all fall apart.

The sewn in threads can fray.

The weather seems ominous.

Protection from the elemental aggressions of the one you think you love, can be hazardous.

Rough on the traverse of universal aptitudes.
We ride.
Counter balanced, by the notion of absolutes.
We thrive.
Fascination up-turned to grade one thousand.
We resist.
For we are all human, beings without perpetual limits.

The Midnight is a team of Tim McEwan & Tyler Lyle, a duo serving the righteous tunes since 2012. And we’re glad they met and began their faboulously successful journey. We’d first gotten to know them from a re-mix done and published as ‘Clubhouse-Kyra (The Midnight Remix)’; which was an instrumental remix bit of Clubhouse’s “Kyra”. The whole direction of the song was divergent from the original, with the retro feel attached.

And we became fans.

Anywho, the duo is on holiday hiatus, and will resume live events starting in March 2018.

Their latest 7 song album, ‘Nocturnal’ is available now for purchase.

Kudos, Tim/Tyler. Kudos.



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