The Mighty Orchid King ‘Lungs’ : Deluge with psych-rock effervescence.

The Mighty Orchid King

Led by singing drummer Jonny Bennett and guitarist Martin van Heerden, brings an overwhelming number of talents that mix and match to meet all of you musical satisfactions. The ‘family’ of musicians of multiple disciplines, come and mold into the frame of the project within many dimensions. Friends of different plights and ideas, flower into a new fascination of indie cool.

Inspired by the Beatles and CSN&Y, The Mighty Orchid King began as a four-piece jam band with the band sorting through hours of strange recordings from rehearsals in tiny rooms to put together the material for their first EP, Nothing Ever Happened. With the addition in 2017 of in-house producer and synth player Will Stephen (June Logue), the band have become sharper, warping their old-school influences with strange synth arpeggios and eccentric rhythms.

‘Lungs’ deluge with psych-rock effervescence, with the hints of glory at the edges of pop and harmonies. It’s a hum-dinger of excitement as it represents a breath of fresh air, in a universe of music that doesn’t seem to ‘need-none’.

“We’re releasing an album of apocalyptic psych-rock-dance music in April called The Doctrine of Infinite Kindness inspired by the struggle for peace and happiness in this age of fire and floods… We’re launching the album as well as raising money for Extinction Rebellion on April 24 at New River Studios and we’d love to welcome you down to experience the live show.”

Word. See the poster below.


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