The Modern World ‘Late November’ : Melancholic promise … vibrant look for the ‘morrow

Different, optimistic, inviting.

The Modern World

The Modern World’s latest is the single ‘Late November’. It is a poignant anthem of holiday fitting cheers, vibrant look for the ‘morrow, and a decidedly effervescent realism of musical good wishes.

The Modern World is a project of Oli James. And in his unique way, a vibe of sincerity and honesty comes flowing out. There is a natural eccentricity to the works, as Oli’s interesting and Springsteen-genre-esque delivery of the melancholic attitudes, drape with silken feelz. The song came from a period of intense productivity for London-based lead songwriter Oli James, writing amidst a backdrop of personal loss and a country in political turmoil. Despite this, the song is anything but an act of despair, offering instead the promise that all things shall pass.

With a shimmering vibe of classical and pop-rock flair, floating in the airs of decadence, the sentimental single enters your heart with open adoration and a promise of total devotion.

Oli’s take on life is different, optimistic, and it invites all of us to join in this trek, we drive.

Let’s get in.



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