The Money War ‘Hold On’, perpetuates the myth, the desire, let’s just go!

Come away with me, let’s do this now. There’s nothing here to anchor us down. Why not? The Money War is a Perth Australia indie band and it’s latest single ‘Hold On’ keeps their momentum going forward.

Their self titled EP release was back in mid-2017.

The duo consists of Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper. Their partnership started with a drive across the United State, as they tell it. Then as demos are made, and connections are established, here they are in 2017 doing their project, properly.

And we think for all of us listeners, it’s a good thing.

Angel was a girl of 25, seemingly lost in the world of unknowns.
Roaming through mind’s hedges, trimming down to see the other.
Pandering to the Gods, in half-witty marmalade chants.
She had strength, in self assurance convinced.
Might be what I’m built for, she said.
I hold a larger candle in my hand, than I’d ever thought.
That she did, lighting her way into that world.
Enlightening, exposing, gaining, persuading.

The band by this posting, ended a tour with artist Meg Mac, and immediately transition into their headline tour in December.

It’ll be a treat to see where the duo takes their music in the coming months next year.

They’re rep’ed by Little Big Man Records.


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