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The Montreals – deadheads.

Jump and shout, for cryin’ out loud! This is what we’d shout at you, if you were just standing there while listening to ‘deadheads.’ by The Montreals. It’s a fun, rawness, fast and furious indie pop-rock, which we dig.

The Adelaide bunch, crisply dictates curt notes and post-teen / young adult angst and nervous excitement.

Drink it out. Come with me. Let’s run! Let’s run!

Their debut EP ‘ Indigo Club’ started them in the right direction, getting to support many other great acts during their tour.

They’ve been noticed by 5Why, Triple J for their fun and notable music.

Can’t go wrong there.

So, let your head bop and roll around, because the music kinda takes you there.

Enjoy it.

Anyways, just like the other reviewers, want a fun night out with cool live presence, these guys could be a consideration.

And why not? One of the points of music is ‘pleasant distractions’ right?

Let’s do this.

Kudos gang at The Montreals. Kudos.



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