THE MORE Shares Debut Single ‘Night Child’. “It Became Clearer To Her, In That Instant.”

It had been something she’d eaten the other day. It was big, and it tasted okay, according to her memory. But today, after waking up, she felt woozy. A bit unsettled. A bit un-relenting. A bit out of this world.

The Tylenol just didn’t cut it, and it was noon on a Saturday. She needed the gnawing pain to go away.

On that afternoon, about 3pm, the pain was still there, but had subsided slightly. Since 1pm, she was able to concentrate on her tasks at work, helping the hardware store patrons to the products they were looking for.

After she got home again, around 6pm, and after she drank some water, the pain started to get sharper again.

This time it was intense. More intense than she’d ever felt.

Her heart beat raced to an incredible pace. Her eyes bulged, and her blood vessels became as vascular as a doped up athlete.

But then in a moment, all subsided.

It became clearer to her, in that instant.

“What a way to live a life,” Sarah told her band mate, on that road to a gig in Austin. “What a way to live a life.”

She never had that pain again.

THE MORE is a fabulously potential-ed band from the fan-tabulous city of the Big Apple. And seems like they have much to say within their song and maybe future songs to be disseminated.

We’re not sure of details yet, but this debut single is mysterious, dark, and right up the Universe it fashions itself.

Let’s find out more about them, as the months go by.



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