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The Motion Epic Shares ‘Bad Behavior’. Boom!

Love is in the air for this one. Even for us at the office, here at CHF. We’re not the best looking chaps, but with this single ‘Bad Behavior’, we think we’ve got a shot.

And that is due to this dynamic assault the single does to this part of the brain that holds and defines what ‘love’ could be, and then correlates to a method in which we can utilize this ‘love lust’ of a song.

Yes. The topic of the single is in no way near what we’re describing.

But put 80’s synth and percussions, then layer it with rightly charted keys – that’s a dang good love making situation, if you know what we mean.

THE MOTION EPIC is made of up Pat DiMeo. A person who love s the 80’s and the pop culture that defines that decade. And we don’t blame him, a bit. It’s a decade of high-energy, big hair, and just anything goes attitude. Yes. Only for some on the planet, but pop-culture none the less. And very relevant and so lovely to listen to in its sonic forms.

DiMeo does it right in this song.

You should listen to it one more time.

Then take in your arms, the one you love, and give a passionate kiss.




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