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The Motion Picture – Friday (Past Is Present Right Now)

The Motion Picture’s single ‘Friday (Past Is Present Right Now)’ was written and recorded one Friday afternoon in a backyard in Toronto, in an effort by two music school buddies to make a ‘backyard Radiohead album’ of sorts. Jeremy and Elias met up for one week. They set out to make an album. An album was finished as ‘A Moon Above Your Head’ (out now). The almost baroque-rock in certain shades, the 70’s feeling oddity you feel when listening to this single is uncanny and visceral. The experimental contentions, dip and wobble, as the sounds reverberate in existential menageries of collages; dangling to a sort of dance. The album is fascinating. This single is affectionate. What else can you say.

DROVES – Retribution

“‘Retribution is the first instalment of many songs to come that challenge the established concept of society through an ironic blend of pop-hooks and dark imagery,” states DROVES frontman, Phil Spiteri. “The song was inspired by the complete free reign that the rich are given to dig up and spit out the planet.” In the year or so since DROVES was created, its entire landscape has changed. Initially conceived in the seaside city of Wollongong, the band has since expanded and blossomed into playing stages across Australia and now based out of the big smoke of Sydney. Phillip Spiteri, Taylor McAuliffe, Luise Martin, Jonathan McKenzie and Tiernan Browne make up this industrial-vibin’ dream-pop new-wave movement that makes you want to dance, then bang your head up and down with no cause for alarm. See Droves next @ Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Sydney, October 26th.

The Planetoids – Your Body

‘Your Body’ by The Planetoids is a song about freedom of choice and self-love. The video addresses a problem that most women over the age of 25 have been confronted with at some point in their lives: Being pressured into having children – a very personal decision, that’s nobody’s business but your own. What is a human body? What does it account for? Does it make sense to identify with it? Is it fair to judge someone by his or her body? And why are we asking so many questions? Consisting of Jonas Sercombe, Piet Charlet, Sven Templin, and Luca Ahlers, their songs and maybe themselves, are from another world. Inner solar system planet, or from another galaxy, the results are the same. Consciences contentions of songs, stacked, side by side, to quake the thoughts of others, in the act of making the world a better place. ‘Your Body’ keeps it in front, and we have to take notice. The Planetoids are based in Germany. They are German. But still we’re not convinced they aren’t from the place of our dreams and imaginations. Succulent tones and colorful structures make The Planetoids a fabulous live show tour-de-force.

Silveräpplen – Love Would Tear Us Apart

‘Love Would Tear Us Apart’ is the first single from the Gothenburg based solo project Silveräpplen. A song about getting stuck in old patterns while friends pass by and move on. The debut EP ‘Pretentious Lofi Inc.’ will be released this winter and features lots of collabs with friends from the Gothenburg indie electro scene. On ‘Love Would Tear Us Apart’ you also hear the amazing Sir Was playing the saxophone and Annelie singing backing vocals. Simeon Pappinen Hillert is the driver of this project and with charm like Spring-time, the rains of notes drop down from the heavens of the matrix, to dowse you with grandeur and beautifying determination for happiness.

Shook – Mind Up

Shook said: “‘Mind Up’ was created as an entry in a diary. It’s the feeling of being stuck in the chaos of your own mind. Where you have to get things done, but somehow you cannot get anything done, and you feel like everything is against you. It’s about the feeling of being trapped inside your own chaotic mind and trying to cope with it. Sometimes I just wish I could escape this chaos, but it’s often not possible. We are surrounded by chaos in everyday life. Especially when you live in the busy City. At times like this, I just have to embrace the chaos. Use this chaos to fuel creativity, and use it as a positive force instead of something negative.” This single is taken from the upcoming album ‘Music for City and Nature’ scheduled for November 8th. “In this album I tried to document my emotional and mental state at this point in my career. It is inspired by the conflict between the energetic and busy city life and the calm, warmth and peace that nature gives. It isn’t a city ‘versus’ nature album though, it is about daily life existing in a gray area in between. I try to find a balance by connecting both sides.” Shook is the project of J.R.F Wijnands. He makes wistful pop music to make you feel good. Word.


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