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The Mu-Tones Shares ‘Slab City Records’. Someone From A Sonic Realm For Justice.

The Mu-Tones are quality. Yes. Listen to the first bar of this single ‘Slab City Records’ and you can feel it for yourself. The direct injection of adrenaline, pumped slowly and methodically into the veins of your wholesome life, is energizing and exciting.

The band consists of former Marion guitarist/songwriter Anthony Grantham, Alex Redhead of the Amplifier (bass) and Peter Gray formerly of Letters to Fiesta (drums) .

The song isn’t asking you to go to another level of consciousness. It is simply asking you to seek and destroy, the harmony of your current situation, and then pan it towards the westward skies, gently wreaking it with a saw blade. If that current situation is good, then it’s fodder for some fun. If that current situation is bad, then helps to have someone from a sonic realm for justice.




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