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The Mumfees Shares ‘Magic Genes’. “I Am Now.”

Walking down the cement walkway, I saw her standing there with the chiffon mini-skirt. She was shimmering in the early afternoon sunlight, shaded to a degree from the wide leaves of the trees surrounding the neatly manicured neighborhood. She slightly turned, then marched on towards my hemisphere of influence. Pretending to trip on the uneven part of the sidewalk, she held out her arms to receive my helping dive int he effort to save her from the harms of a fall.

“Are you okay?”

“I am now.”

The Mumfees is a small band with three members, who we don’t know to much about. But they’ve released an EP (‘It Feels’ Jan. 2018) already and has two singles released.

The working hard, dream-pop band is a taste of what Los Angeles can provide. The odd notes, accumulate the angst and emotions, melding together in a binding and harmonic threats of peaceful notes of a life tragic.

We’ve gotten to know them a bit late, but looking to catch up.




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