The Nation Mourns ‘Ogre’ : A heartwarming and injecting style of anthem mixed in the sullen.

The Nation Mourns / Photo: Katie Browne

‘Ogre’ is the result of a stream of consciousness, derived from a tipsy saunter home one winter night in the quite suburban streets of Cork City in 2018.

With a tradition in the vain of David Gray, The Nation Mourns is a solitude journey, afforded in riches beyond compare for our ears and then subsequently for our hearts. A heartwarming and injecting style of anthem mixed in the sullen, ‘Ogre’ precludes nothing and cheers on the humanity we can aspire from.

“It speaks of the self depreciating nature of modern society and our strive for human connection in the technological abyss we can sometimes find ourselves in. The lead guitar evokes the spirit of folk rockers Lord Huron, while the finger style guitar and low vocal melody remind the listener of the Travis picking folk troubadours of the 1960s.”

The emotive folk pop from The Nation Mourns, delivers with utter punch and flavorful warmth, lovingly expected from this genre.


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