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The Nectars Reveal New Video For Single ‘I Want It’. And then some.

The New Jersey fab band, The Nectars, shared with us their new video for the new single ‘I Want It’. The single was taken off of the upcoming debut album ‘Sci-Fi Television’.

The new album will drop, May 25th.

Jessica Kenny is a different kind of seduction. Jupiter she said. She’ll build a spaceship, she said. She’ll hustle the people of midtown Manhattan, she said.

Then we just went along with her. Because it’s so freakin’ odd.

And that’s what we like about The Nectars’ brand of music, and the quirkiness they exhibit in their various output manifestations.

“Street art, graffiti, manifesto? The Toynbee Tiles have been popping up on the busy streets of New York & New Jersey for nearly 30 years. When interpreted literally, these mysterious linoleum murals compel us to travel the heavens in search of mankind’s greatest aspiration, Immortality! – Jessica.


She continued: “We wanted the video to tackle the vast topic of human desire. Our conclusion? Everyone wants more time, and through the careful research of Arnold J. Toynbee, in collaboration with modern sciences, we can finally span the void of space and reach resurrection on Jupiter! We’ll be taking reservations for future flights after our maiden voyage. Join us”.


As we’d mentioned prior, the song, with Jessica’s vocals, is a delectable piece of indie-punk with a slice of pop-strawberry on the top for good measure.

Remember. It’s not what you think she wants.


Anywho, the band consists of: Jessica Kenny (vocals), Jon Paul (bass, vocals), Mike Montalbano (drums, vocals) and Michael Baron (guitar, vocals).

The Nectars will be heading over to the UK this spring for a number of shows, soon to be announced.


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