The New Nostalgia ‘Nothing Is New’ : Let’s go! Let’s rock!

The New Nostalgia

Stained with echoes of Foals and Gang Of Youths, established Yorkshire songwriter Patrick McCallion, along with James Sands, Sam Bramhall and Charles Adey are here to stay.

With haunting lyrics that will get under your skin, The New Nostalgia are questioning what it means to be young at heart in a Post-Brexit world. The reflective and aggressive sound of The New Nostalgia was born on the streets of Amsterdam when four old university friends tried to comprehend the existential haze of their mid-twenties.

Will the world in the UK be more confusion and deficits in this new ex-EU life?

The band can only do their best.

One thing’s for sure. Just like the excitement of ‘Nothing Is New’, there will be a whole lot of ‘newness’ for everyone in every sector of UK life to experience.

Let’s go! Let’s rock!


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