The Night Shares Strength In Conviction In Single ‘Intentions’.

Skipping and pausing is what we do sometimes, in confusion, in doubt, in uncertainty. There are things that we wanted to do. There were things that should have been done. There were people to meet. There were missed opportunities. There was her, who should have been your girl for the rest of your life.

We all have those little dreams, momentary, not significant at the time, but in hind-sight, could have been a build up to something significant.

But is that the end? Relegated to thinking about the past, uncultivated past instances?

Probably not.

THE NIGHT’s single ‘Intentions’ is an emo-post-punk-rock tune that is not what CHF goes for, typically. But there is this ONE element (@1:33) that keeps this song glued and tasty. With the engaging vocals, the song keeps its cool, and delivers the message it intended.

It only takes one element.

Like many things in our daily lives.

The single is off of their new album ‘Question Everything’.


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