The Non-Functional Saints ‘2v’ : The essentials of being a part of it all.

The Non-Functional Saints

The Non-Functional Saints are Nick Lewis and Phil Minns. The name is a conjunction of their respective artist names.

The project is best known as a Brighton five-piece mixing jazz, blues, post-punk and hip-hop, but Lewis uses the name for solo productions as well. He also has a Viennese configuration based around acoustic instruments.

The Non-Functional Harmony is Phil’s moniker for his own electronic productions. His work encompasses techno, ambient and downtempo, always with an organic feel and a musicality all too rare in the electronic scene.

Sweeping with fizzy organs and emotions to boot, the essentials of being a part of it all, is accustomed into the edges of ‘2v’.

‘2v’ is off of the latest mini LP ‘2’.


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