The North Country ‘Open For Business’ : Managing the appetites of the biological entities that make up such a society.

The North Country

Washington DC based, experimental-pop architects, The North Country, offers their single/video ‘Open for Business’. It is off of their upcoming album ‘America and Afterwards’ (June 26th), and it gives a collage of meaningful notes to the ways a society can shrivel up or on the path to more extravagance. A double edges sword, you might say, but the band knows that it is a balancing act of controlling – nay – managing the appetites of the biological entities that make up such a society.

“The story begins with the character scrolling through Instagram and listening to The North Country,” the band elaborating about the video. “As they start off on their walk, they find a colorful digital blog on the ground. The walker strolls through the city playing with their blob, finding a second, and their phone triggers new visual response to the blob. The dynamism of the song is an ideal accompaniment to the freedom of the imagery. There are three layers to the video: Real-life shot on a go-pro. Colors from an analog video synthesizer system where color is coded to each piece of the instrumentation (sax, drums, guitar). And a liquid light show with oil, dye, water projected over an overhead projector. So what does it all mean? In this modern world, as we wander through the world our digital life is always bleeding into our presence to the point that they’re becoming indistinguishable.”

Is it a distraction to our ultimate demise? Is it a distraction, taking us away from the manifest route to prosperity?

“If our current situation tells us anything it is that there’s no going back to the way things were, the future we build must be radically different from the present and the past.”

That’s a guarantee, if that’s how the world’s population wants to take it.

More suffering before the next millennia of peace, no?

The North Country, hopes that’s not the case.

Let’s work harder.

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Dear friends, after many days of serious and sober deliberation, it is a with a heavy heart that I inform you that we are cancelling our upcoming tour in March. As anyone close to me knows, the idea of cancelling a show, let alone a whole tour two days before it’s set to start is completely anathema to everything I stand for, but as recent events regarding the coronavirus progress it is becoming more and more clear that this thing is bigger than all of us and becoming bigger by the day. To continue with this tour would put the members of this band and the people who come to our shows at risk of serious illness, and we can’t in good conscious do that. This is a crazy time for all of us. Coronavirus has exposed serious fault lines in our health care system, our social safety net, and our society. I personally know many other musicians who have had to cancel events, and service industry workers who are now forced to stay home without pay and risk of losing insurance. My sincere hope is that once the dust settles and we come out the other side of this thing, we as a country are inspired to finally embrace universal healthcare a human right, because we will have seen explicitly that the health of a people is the health of the least among us. Remember friends, we’re all in this together. In lieu of seeing us live in March, please listen to us online, or tell a friend about us. Also tell those friends to wash their hands, while you’re at it. See you soon. Stay safe out there. XOXO The North Country

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