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The Nursery // Andrew Goldring // Stripmall Ballads // Parachute Words // Sure Sure

The Nursery – She Speaks The Wave

Toronto Canada based artist THE NURSERY dips its toes into ‘death, sex, anxiety, and fear’ through a collage of methods, including darkened passages of time-skipping and surreal lyrical exhibitions. The gray hued, multi-colors of the production in ‘She Speaks The Wave’ entails our psyche to a different plain of consciousness, driving up the price for evacuation. The 3 piece band and consists of dynamic songwriter Alex Pulec, with Victor Ess and Josh English. The eclectic ensemble awaits your entry, with open arms.

Andrew Goldring – American Daydream

ANDREW GOLDRING continues his musical enterprise for the heart and memories with ‘American Daydream’. We’d premiered his single ‘Chemical Spirit Connection’ prior, and we know of his talents to exercise his shimmering lyrics for all to absorb. With ‘American Daydream’ we feel the kind of love-sick hangover that incapacitates. Off of his upcoming full length album ‘Fluorescent Memories’ (February 8, 2019), the landscapes created continues to expand beyond measure, as Andrew’s musical exploits just keeps on impressing.

Stripmall Ballads – You Were Good (I Was Good for a While)

STRIPMALL BALLADS is the moniker of Phillips Saylor Wisor. The founding member of The Shiftless Rounders he’s been working as Sptirpmall Ballads since 2008. And like the wispy breeze off of an R.E.M.-esque saga, the intangeable talents of Phillips comes to the fore, each and every note you entangle your senses to. The Americana-country adaptations in taste, is incorrigible in its return to the basics and the wildness of our hearts. It’s love. The new full length record is scheduled to drop in 2019. It’s been 5 years, and we think it’s about dang time to hear more of STRIPMALL BALLADS.

Parachute Words – Stand Up Straight

Off of their recently released album ‘Self-Portrait With Sunflower’, Martino Gasparrini, the project lead stated: “This song in particular is about self confidence and being unable to perform adequately in a sexual experience.” Word. And he continued: “I wanted to write the most punk rock aggressive song I’ve ever had about something that is not seen as masculine and embarrassing, erectile disfunction.” Isn’t that just amazing? The unobtrusive excellence in telling truths to strangers, is incredible to witness, every time. It’s a ‘public announcement’ of a song, with delicious oddity that just works.

Sure Sure – Idiot

SURE SURE comes back with us and as always, their 80’s pop stylings just makes it happen in your pants. Oh, not that way. We mean as in the playful and creative lyrics, topped up by the unique rock grooves makes us want to snap and bob our heads. Especially with ‘Idiot’ our sense of traveling back into a past decade’s TV drama is thick with perspiration. Bam. And that’s why they are sought after for live gigs. Bam, times two.


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