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The Oceans Share ‘My Copenhagen Love’.

This is a love story. Believe it. The frolicking innocence and the tales of intended meetings with the one she loved. The trips they took, in mind and physical body, tells of the stories that are reminiscent of most of us here living on Earth. It’s a sacred and memorable part of youth and early development. There wasn’t stress that were of any consequence, in hind-sight. It was a time of love. It was a time of holding hands. It was a time of you, me, and us.

Nothing could tear away that feeling.

Nothing could tear away that memory.

The video taken through the Super 8, within our cortex – deeply interwoven, and never to be forgotten.

The open hearted and honest feelings for the other, could be the best part of life which we’d gone through.

But it shouldn’t.

It’s a fore warning.

Don’t let it. For there can be better days ahead, with partners who brought better and newer sets of tools to the relationship tool.

But that’s being practical, ain’t it?

Okay. Let’s reminisce. It’s alright. We can give in just a bit.

The Oceans was formed in 2014 by Copenhagen multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe & Linus Valdemar. ‘My Copenhagen Love’ is that uplifting guilty-pleasure we should devour.



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