The ocn Shares ‘Baby Blue’. “Swath of guitar strums and vocal enchantment.”

New debut single ‘Baby Blue’ from THE OCN comes with ballad frivolity and beautiful pairings of emotional rendering, laid out seamlessly in a swath of guitar strums and vocal enchantment.

“When my sister came home for break one year, I observed her changing. She was acting down and depressed. There was not much I could do to help her, so then I wrote this song about this feeling,” expanded, THE OCN.

We’re not sure of the story behind THE OCN and its creator(s) yet, but if anything is clear, we’re intrigued and excited for the songs that are constructed through this conduit.

When refreshing news and personal challenges, framed in subtle surf-rock elements and ambidextrous lyrical talents, we think the audience will enjoy every minute of the creative quirk and excellence.

Looking forward to more as the months roll on.


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