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The Old Pink House Shares ‘JADED’. Pump The Gas, and Let’s Go Into That Summer Light.

Counter to the argument, the satisfactory meaning of what she meant, was dwelling in his head. What the heck was she doing to him? It wasn’t at all like her! He was confused, dazed, and confused even more. He knew his love for his girl was forever and un-ending. By her saying that to him, was she saying that she didn’t know he loved her? Or was she saying that she Never Loved Him? The beads of sweat accumulated on his forehead, slowly coalescing and some drops, by this time, stated moving down his brows, collecting at the tip of his nose.

Was it over?


Was she over him?


His eyes intensified, like a cheap Anime character, tensing, bulging, near explosion.

The puddle of sweat and now, some tears, designed a miniature lake beneath his feet.

The sunlight was too daunting for him. The heat, too intense.

“Hey Jack.”


“Let’s go dive in the pool,” she said.

Jack didn’t care if he was confused, any longer.

The Old Pink House’s ‘Jaded’ is an awesome and fun tune that needs just your ears and thinking about the summer to come. It’s exciting, and it carries your ‘cares’ away, for the moment.

Enjoy it.

You deserve it.



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