The One Man Jam ‘The One Man Jam’ : There is no way you’ll not air guitar jam to this beastly pounce.

The One Man Jam

Fresh is what ‘The One Man Jam’ is all about. And of course, it’s about, as well, the attitude and anthem that the project promises in its songs. And from what you can garner in this one single, there is no way you’ll not air guitar jam to this beastly pounce.

Blending together rock, blues, and funk with his hiphop / rap thrust, the artist kicks your head in with precise angles of lyrical sentiments, with the high-intensity of maneuver in action and vibrance.

Born and raised in Utica, NY, he was surrounded by music growing up, and has been playing guitar since his childhood years. He was introduced to live looping at the age of 25 and has been performing as one man act since.

Hectic, rockin’, honest, and purely fun-tastic – the project delivers as it’s promised in ‘The One Man Jam’.


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