The Only Ocean ‘Watch It Fall’ : Eye opening experience, that stays, and warms your rockin’ heart.

The Only Ocean

The song explores struggling inside the cage of our own head. Not understanding what or who you are and not wanting to be yourself. It’s the feeling of being afraid to be in your shoes and wanting to become someone else to fit in.

It’s the feeling of hiding and being afraid of your truest form and willing to be someone else in front of loved ones and strangers. The feeling of constantly putting on an act or show and then losing yourself.

Made of Wesley Hill, Tamara Simons, Jonathan Palmquist and Jordan Kaufman a consequential vibe of re-discovering grunge as it was, and now is, with The Only Ocean. Something that is very ethereal and very tactile, the band’s aggressive and flowering methods of lyrical attack, is grandeur at its best.

‘Watch It Fall’ is an eye opening experience, that stays, and warms your rockin’ heart.


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