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The Other End Set To Drop Debut 5 Song S/T EP March 16th.

The theatrical folk-pop sounds made by the duo in The Other End (Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik) impressed, the first time they had reached out to us. And on March 16, 2018, they are on their way to release their first S/T EP. The five song EP contains songs which describe chapters in a life, in a variety of tones and colors – continues to be glued together with the Ida and Alexander’s sense for the empathetic.

We’d stated this about their first Single back in beginning of January: “And when one listens to ‘Far From Home’, it whisks the mind into a far-flung dungeon in hyper-enlightened, husk of memories and ‘maybe’ circumstances. A story of ‘what-abouts’ and what could and should have been. The sulking heft of the ‘world on one’s shoulders’, raking away the life from one’s soul.”

And it seems the new EP continues that road set by the single.

“It was always important…to explore the disharmonies and darker themes in their music, and keep a ‘raw feel’ to it. This has resulted in five varied songs…” stated The Other End.

  • A Piece of a Mind – the song bespoke feelings of founding loves, doubt and possible solution to the relationship’s challenges. A slow and progressive discussion. A suggestion to that element in one’s heart.
  • Broken Glass – the wants and needs of a love’s forgotten touch, remnants far and few between. But oh so important. They beckon.
  • Thin Ice, Pt. 1 – this song is an experimental sounding reverb procurement, screaming to the deaf – without the shouting. Hear me, want me. Know me.
  • Far from Home – the optimism, in the corner of ‘love’ and ‘angst’. It’s a jittery wood plank, which might shake and rattle, but you’re confident of its success in getting you to the other side – the other face of relationship.
  • Leave – like a reminiscent 60’s movie score, much psychedelic in its approach, however, smooths out the edges with modern folk pop melodies and progressions. Serious. Playful. Accepting.

The songs included in the EP are a collection of the scent of breeze, touching and caressing the wild open plains of the mind and heart.

It tries not to be corrosive in impact, just hugs just enough, so you won’t forget the feeling.

And sometimes, it’s those gently lingering tones that make the biggest impressions – ain’t it?

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