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The Overrides // Steamie // Afterthotz // 17 Robots // BADLAWS.

The Overrides – Brain as a Fist

After taking a brief break in 2015, Singer/Guitarist Cam Mosavian began writing new songs and re-working unreleased tracks he’d been creating for years, laying the groundwork for a new band best described as The Clash & The Ramones meet Fugazi and 90’s Alternative. Title track of the 3 song EP, keeps it real and vibrant with the Ramones punk chords, mixing with the effervescence of the blues tinged hard-rock solo endeavors. It’s quite the ride in this fast paced fun-ness. THE OVERRIDES consist of Cam Mosavian, Denzil Dunn, Brandon Mosavian, and Parker PJ Johnston. The band retains with full effect the essence and breadth of what punk was and will always should be.

Steamie – Burning House

Ralf Bongarten is STEAMIE. A message of messages, trying to keep the news about ourselves and our shortcomings in the fore, is ‘Burning House’. You get it right? Humans accelerating the change to the environment, for gain and progress. It’s what’s been happening from a local and regional level for centuries. From farming, building cities, constructing infrastructures, innovating for profits – it’s the cunning way and methods of the human will and mind that might be our downfall. But it’s all about taking care of our own home. Nature always comes back, whether we kill our environment or not. We only can damage our own way of life, and ours alone. The Universe is about change. It’ll go on with no thought of our existence, in this sliver of time. The million dollar question is: “How will we make it worth while, as we exist today?”

Afterthotz – The Man

AFTERHOTZ is a “passion project by Gil Valles and produced by Albert Mejia, Michael Atilano, and Gil Valles”. It’s been a while since our last encounter with the band. We’d stated: “..neo-soul-garage-rock fabulousness that we all should be exposed to. The vocals is smooth, the band is smooth, and to be fair – the song should be on a movie of some sort..” That statement is still relevant as it was then. With ‘The Man’ the feelz is deeper and more sultry, as the depths of Gil, bounces along the path to the unknown future in this single. The darkness brings excitement. Can it?

17 Robots – Dance of Time

Conflict between lovers. That’s what this song is all about the minds at 17 ROBOTS expounded. But we think it’s set in a Universe of different time and space, as the argument between the 2 lovers seems congenial and respectful. Passive-aggressive in manner? Possibly, but still respectful. 17 ROBOTS stated: “All of the obstacles (“dark matter”) seem to find their place right in front of you. Your relationships, your ambitions — all the currents seem to be going against you. But somehow, in all of the noise, you manage to let go. You become numb to it. And find yourself in a state of bliss, as time inevitably moves along. You’re moving through the Dance of Time.” Deep-manifestation? Obviously. The band is deep, in a charming and erroneously philosophical way. It’s confusing and pretty at the same time, no? We think so. 17 ROBOTS is 2 mysterious producers, coming together as musical one.

BADLAWS. – I’m Not Myself

“Dealing with inner demons whilst trying to please other people,” said of ‘I’m Not Myself’, by the gang in BADLAWS. The 4 piece alt-rock band from Brighton UK, consists of Lucy Hinton (Vocals), Daniel Bright (Guitar), Travis Powers (Bass) and Josh Caplin (Drums), who met in college to play music. And now they set out to make music that is odd, quirky, alt but pop. Delivering radical ascensions in relevant time changes and pop inducing elements, the gruff and radical come to a nice seduction in sound through the quartet. Lucy’s interesting and unique vocals maintains the off the beaten path vibes, amplifying a shimmer that you must get behind.


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