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The Pink Spiders Shares Power Pack Of A Single ‘I Can’t Get Down Without You’. Recharge.

It’s a fun juice pack. It’s that Sun-burst for the day ahead of you. It’s the power energy bar for the long work day ahead. Yep. We’re talking about The Pink Spiders’ single ‘I Can’t Get Down Without You’, and from the first bar to the last, the song is that Energizer battery that your musical essentials, needed.

Do the shimmy. That’s what we did. It looked horrible, but couldn’t really help it.

If you’re too shy (and not in an isolated office), do the shimmy in your head. Bob up and down. Turn that pen, up side down.

The rock n’ roll craft in this single, takes it to a fabulous crest. The ride is wonderful, and the trip into that mystical forest in the high mountains of California, was, at the end, very much worth it.

The full length LP (on 12” pink vinyl) from The Pink Spiders is set to drop July 31.

The guys in the band have seen much throughout the years (ever since 2004) in the Nashville music scene, and seems they have zero thought on slowing down. In fact, we’re glad they’re revving up the engines for another fabulous new chapter in the band’s long history.

Let rock-pop reign!



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