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The Pleasant Tense // Hannah Cranton // IYEARA // French Nancy // Alone Architect

The Pleasant Tense – Dark Matter

Columbus, Ohio originating (Nashville based) soul-rock band THE PLEASANT TENSE is grand. Marnèe Richardson and Kevin Skubak are the core members, and when the vocals cry out into the ether of the Universe, your senses go crazy. Like ‘holy Bat Man’, and ‘Spider Man’ tingling senses, we mean. The jazz infused, piano dancing, bass caressing, soundscape is just too much good information to process. Can you imagine listening to them in a live set? We can, and we think we would have our mouths open, and as our skin shimmer in the notes disseminated, we glow through that darker place. Emerging, we smile and re-live the single ‘Dark Matter’ in our minds. More please.

Hannah Cranton – Roller Coaster Ride

NYC singer/songwriter HANNAH CRANTON is real. She’s real to you, your dreams, your imaginations in love and tribulations that accommodates it. The Massachusetts originating artist is captivating, with spearing lyrics she has sharpened through the forging of life’s experiences. Expressive lyrics like Hannah’s relegates everything to second class, as the honesty overflows as does the waves at a summer’s trip to the shores of a love once hailed. ‘Roller Coaster Ride’ is a promise for a stronger self. A self that will get off that ride of doubt, to move on to a more deserved path she deserves. Will the protagonist, at the end of it all, really relent and let go of that negativity? The push and pull, the tug-of-war, inside our hearts is a complex one. Let’s hope the right choice was made. HANNAH CRANTON is exceptional, and when her new EP drops, we all should absorb her stories.

IYEARA – Decipher

Darkwave. Rock. London. Trio. Music of such order is where interest and spice comes from, within our mostly mundane lives. The angst in ‘Decipher’ is panned up against the lyrical spirit of the band, as the whole rides the stream of forgiveness and enlightenment. IYEARA consists of Toby Butler, Malcolm Carson and Paul O’Keeffe. And when the guitars start playing as the Universe turns around us, we’re gilded with the dynastic shimmer of the vocals, dissecting in jest, but serious in anthem. The dramatic outflow of emotions, is tempered and cooled, as the heat dissipates to a modern degree of dark and pop induced exercise in darkened aromatics.

French Nancy – telephone

New band FRENCH NANCY is a cool drink of refreshing. The London based new-wave/post-punk band makes mixing of elements a dapper habit of excitement, as the notes course through our veins, hyping and making us dance to the tunes. Basic, and continental; Universal, and personal – the raw vocal production, and the nakedness of the lyrics, dream up scenarios of challenges. Melodies are driving, as the beats you with subtle rationale, both in part and as a conjunction of delight and deliberate atmosphere. Your knees jaunt and move, as the day’s pains melt to a crisp sheets on the cement, you’d laid. The truth is out there. FRENCH NANCY wants to help you find it.

Alone Architect – [ _ ] (ft Roniit)

Broken hearted, you cry for a way to escape. But you are the one who has her heart. Despicable. Underhanded. Delectable. ALONE ARCHITECT stated about the single: “The song is about transcending heartbreak and coming to the realization that the person who broke your heart was just representing the love you crave, but not the one you should fall in love with.” But we do fall in love with those kinds of people, don’t we? So what does that say about ourselves? Are we just being cruel to the very thing that can hurt us most? Are we just too sadistic, in nature? Who knows. And maybe we can never know the deep dark secrets we hide from ourselves. This single is a collaboration between ALONE ARCHITECT and vocalist RONIIT, and the atmospheric insurgence penetrates with fervor, and it’s easy to be swept up. The right questions can lead in the right direction. Hope we all can find it soon.


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