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The Plodes // Klara Zubonja // WANHA // Big Soda // Black Snak

The Plodes – Superpowered Palestinian Baby

What a star THE PLODES are. ‘Superpowered Palaestinian Baby’ is gold. When tall tale telling story styles meet educational music, we hear THE PLODES. And there’s nothing – we repeat – nothing that you should feel guilt ridden about. The song is mac. The song gets you going. It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s punk, with a side of macaroni. The song is just delicious. The ‘Christmas’ related song is what you need when you’re down. And we’re down and out, more than we admit, right? Canadians Reid, Jackson and Evan just knows how to make it happen with their songs, steeped in irony, goof, and rock solid punk animalism. Under rated? Heck yea. Just perfect for the new year’s celebration? Double heck yea. Have at it.

Klara Zubonja – The Winds Of Life

Klara Zubonja is an alt-pop artist and we dig her like nothing else. Off of the latest EP ‘Eye To Eye’, ‘The Winds Of Life’ is a wispy statement of self-reflection with the decadence of poppy guitars and gazy dream vocals. Klara stated: “It’s about having the courage to face yourself, gently, and learn to flow, despite it all. Remembering that it’s okay to have darker days and darker aspects of yourself, and accepting that in yourself. It’s all part of the bigger plan, if only you trust within it.” And that’s sometimes the part that gets us entangled in such strife, right? Trusting ‘the plan’ and following through is the hardship that grinds us down to dust. But Klara knows. She knows that we can get to the other side, and make things the way we want to. Klara draws inspiration from European folk, and we just delight in her whimsy and lyrical pertinence. Her album EP ‘Eye To Eye’ is out now.

WANHA – Crickets & Wild Flowers

Joni Vanhanen is WANHA. And the Finnish instrumentalist/producer exercises his caution for the deprived and experimental within the confines of ‘Crickets & Wild Flowers’. With dramatic drums, reaching synth effects, and lyrics of mystery, the pomp and circumstance pours out of the tear ducts of this song. As viscus as weighed down emotions, of a broken heart, and of broken personalities, try to remake the clone of masks within all of us. The conduit of mass effect resonates with WANHA’s voice. His words. His view of the world. The song is truly a refreshing cause for heightening your music pallet. Get in.

Big Soda – Bygone

BIG SODA is as big as the Grand Canyon. The soaring shoegazy guitars fronted by the ever present vocals, makes for an experience of no peer. The lyrically decadent visions, brings up the frailties of life and its never forgotten trials and tribulations. Maybe self-inflicted, or not – all all of it is never tiresome nor trite. BIG SODA is all that and a bucket of fried chicken. And we dig them for it. His EP ‘Aw, Poor You!’ is out now, and should add some spice to your life – fast.

Black Snak – Shame You Came

Off of their 3 track EP ‘It Takes A Village’, BLACK SNAK’s single ‘Shame You Came’ is more over-powering than you’d suspect. With alt-rock intuitions, glaringly strong riffs, and vocals to get you engaged, BLACK SNAK is the jam out rock band you’d always wanted for your birthday. Working out of Orange County, California, hard working travelers of this world, seeks out cultural anomalies and wastes zero time in getting us the good in their songs. There’s no getting around it, there’s something about BLACK SNAK, and we’re keen to keep tabs. You should too.


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