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The Pretty Flowers Shares ‘Some Girls’. What More Can You Want?

Off of their debut album ‘Why Trains Crash’, THE PRETTY FLOWERS bring the kind of lyrical maturations that is deserving of a single like ‘Some Girls’.

What do we mean by that? Listen to the lyrics and the presentation of the rhythms. It is something that is as sound and confident as the classics from The Smithereens, but has that trickle of happy-go-lucky attributes (of say Weezer) that makes things interesting for the modern era.

The essence is what we’re rambling about. And THE PRETTY FLOWERS brings it with a big smile, and then shares that smile with us, the audience.

What more can you want?

The band consists of a union of current and former members of several bands. But unlike other unions of such capacity, we hope that this one will last a long while.

Band members consist of: Noah Green (guitar/ vocals), Sam Tiger (bass), Jake Gideon (guitar), Sean Johnson (drums).

Anywho, take a look-see at this fun band. It’s a good time.



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