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THE PRETTYBADS Drop New Album ‘Meet The Prettybads’ June 15th.

To be honest, we don’t know what to think about The Prettybads. The Houston, Texas punk outfit consisting of Kayla, Jordan and Ben, when listening to their outputs, the first thing you notice is that they are heavily influenced by one punk band: RAMONES. They are proud to distinguish that highlight for themselves. Second, when listening to the 20 song album, there are places where it feels like there’s a bit too much contrived effort to be a ‘caricature’ of punk music and the RAMONES. Then at another side of the spectrum, there are songs that are original, and unique and so very good (i.e. ‘This Isn’t Who I’m Supposed To Be’, ‘Evil Things’, ‘Not Wanted’).

It’s a heck of a mix, for dang sure.

But once you listen to what the trio wanted to communicate.

The best songs, in our opinion is the first song ‘That Girl’s A Monster’ & ‘Maybe I’m Not The One You Wanted’. So very delicious, awesome lyrics, fun action, and no bull kind of performance (live or studio) which you’d want.

The pop punk songs are inquisitive, sometimes head-scratching, but all are really well done and executed well. The addition of other elements, like synth-pop and keys, make it a colorful collection of chapters.

We started this with saying that ‘we didn’t know what to think about’ the band. But coming to the end of it, the trio is a fabulous dynamic inserted into the Entertainment equation.

And we’re glad they’ve arrived in this fashion.

Rock on! Kudos.

Oh, and Joey Ramone rules!!



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